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LynOld dairy

Golden Delight

Neil and I often take a Sunday afternoon trip out into Northumberland, we live and work on the coast so its nice to take off for a couple of hours inland for a change. Last weekend we headed for the village of Ford.  Its a typical “Northumberland estate village”, beautiful stone houses, with manicured gardens, a Castle, a post office, and a couple of artisan shops, plus the Lady Waterford gallery. Just on the edge of the village is where we wanted to head – to visit The Old Dairy concept store, and take afternoon tea in their fabulous coffee shop – a bit of a contradiction in terms there but you know what I mean. Its an eclectic mix of old furniture, bric a brac, and reclaimation finds, its all for sale, and in the coffee shop, bone china mis-matched cups and saucers, traditional old flatware, and just a total bombardment for the senses, with so much to look at, great food, the aroma of delicious italian coffee, and Keith’s dulcet tones in the background telling …